Frequently Asked Questions

Do you prepare tax returns?

We specialize in personal income tax preparation and small business accounting. Our fees are competitively priced.

Do you charge for consultations?

We do not charge for consultations. Our goal is to educate people, provide invaluable insight on financial planning, and build long-lasting relationships.

How are you compensated?

Because we offer a variety of options, we are compensated based on the strategy you are comfortable with (e.g., if we are managing a client's portfolio, we charge an annual fee based on the assets under management; if we are using a specific product, we are compensated by the companies we do business with).

What makes your company so unique?

We focus not only on what you earn, but what you keep. At Metropolitan Capital Tax & Wealth Management, we are trained to analyze investment strategies through the eyes of a tax advisor. We will dissect every aspect of your financial situation and put it back together piece by piece, resulting in a customized financial plan that is tailored to your objective.

We believe it is virtually impossible to provide proper financial advice without knowing how to prepare a tax return. The tax return should be the end result of proper financial planning.

How does the process work?

For your first consultation, we would request that you bring in the following financial documents for evaluation:

  • The last three years of your tax returns
  • Your will, power of attorney, health care proxy, trust, etc.
  • Investment statements from any IRAs, 401(k)s, annuities, brokerage accounts, etc.
  • Life insurance, long-term care policies
  • Bank account information

At your first meeting, we will learn about who you are personally. We will discuss your interests, goals, and objectives, as well as your concerns and expectations. We will evaluate your risk tolerance and assess your investment experience. Once we have analyzed all of your financial documents, we will arrange a second consultation and prepare strategic recommendations.

At your second meeting, we will consider portfolio construction, recommend tax reduction strategies, and develop a plan of action.

Finally, your custom-designed plan is executed and placed into motion. Moving forward, our staff will arrange several meetings during the course of the year so we can review any changes to your current situation and monitor the progress towards your goals. At Metropolitan Capital Tax & Wealth Management, we believe that by reviewing your situation on a regular basis we will be able to keep your financial plan in line with your objective.

How much experience does your firm have?

We have over 55 years of combined experience in the tax and financial industry, and we are responsible for managing millions of dollars in client assets.

Do you offer seminars/workshops?

We do! Our advisors have over twenty years of experience in public speaking. We also hold presentations for labor unions, senior citizens, religious organizations, women's groups, and civic associations.

Some of our topics include:

  • Income tax planning
  • Estate tax planning
  • Long-term care
  • Asset protection
  • Women and finances
  • Social Security